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This is MIS MCQs section with detailed explanations for preparation of screening tests, interviews for government jobs. In this section candidate will learn MCQs on variety of topics from the subject.

  1. 351 Which of the following is not true of nonprocedural language
  2. 352 Which of the following are measures of quality:
    1. validity

    2. accuracy

    3. precision

    4. All of the above

    5. None of the above

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  3. 353 Distinguishing between the different levels of management can be accomplished by analyzing,
  4. 354 Data integrity refers to
  5. 355 The engineering change control system makes changes in the
  6. 356 Header labels contain
  7. 357 The advent of personal computers:
  8. 358 Data is gathered, describing what is happening in the
  9. 359 The way of thinking that might facilitate attainment of a single, integrated information system is the
  10. 360 A characteristic of a distributed MIS structure is: