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Management Inforamtion Systems MCQs MIS Mcqs with Answers

This is MIS MCQs section with detailed explanations for preparation of screening tests, interviews for government jobs. In this section candidate will learn MCQs on variety of topics from the subject.

  1. 61 The major function of the language system is:
  2. 62 Which of the following is not a common configuration used in a DDP system
    1. star

    2. ring

    3. tree

    4. realtime

    5. bus

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  3. 63 A systems theory of management includes
  4. 64 The files required to maintain general ledger records include
  5. 65 A central purpose of most decision-support systems is
  6. 66 One of the purchases order system's procedure sets is
  7. 67 Which of the following is considered to be an interface between the functional applications and the data base
  8. 68 The journal voucher file includes
  9. 69 The functional area showing the greatest interest in the concept of functional information systems is the
  10. 70 The funds management subsystem attempts to