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Bills And Acts Current affairs Mcqs with answers

Prepare Pakistan's Bills and Acts Current affairs MCQs with answers and detailed explanations for nts tests. This section includes bills passed by senate of Pakistan, bills passed by national assembly of Pakistan, national assembly bills passed, new bills passed in Pakistan, new bills passed for Women, list of ordinance in Pakistan, law making process in parliament of Pakistan. Prepare below MCQs and you can also prepare for Economy and Business, National, Sports, Provincial, Famous Personalities, International, Important Days, Politics, Science and Tech MCQs.

  1. 1 Prevention of Smuggling of Migrants Act, 2018 was passed on 29 March 2018 by ?

    1. Federal Government

    2. KPK Government

    3. Sindh Government

    4. Punjab Government

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  2. 2 Private Power and Infrastructure Board (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in order to enable Pakistan Power and Infrastructure Board to process Public Sector Projects for provision of ?

    1. Affordable Government Privatization schemes

    2. Efficient, affordable and sustainable government contracts

    3. Efficient, affordable and sustainable electricity

    4. Efficient, affordable and sustainable water supply

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  3. 3 As per 'The National Skill University Islamabad Bill, 2017' which institute's status is going to change ?

    1. National Institute of Science and Technical Education

    2. Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies Islamabad

    3. Isra University Islamabad

    4. The University of Lahore Islamabad

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  4. 4 The Women in Distress and Detention Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2016) benefits ?

    1. Men and Women in poverty

    2. Men in poverty

    3. Children seeking shelter

    4. Women and Children in distress

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  5. 5 'The Rulers of Acceding States (Abolition of Privy Purses and Privileges) amendment Bill, 2017 sanctions ___ to the Rulers of Acceding States or their dependents in lieu of privy purses

    1. Maintenance Allowance

    2. Travel Allowance

    3. Gratuity

    4. None of these

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  6. 6 Under 'The Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power (Amendment) Act, 2017' the overbilling is __

    1. Strategy to punish thieves

    2. Legalised way to recover government resources

    3. Criminal offence

    4. None of these

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  7. 7 As per 'The Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power (Amendment) Act, 2017' the minimum experience for chairman and member of NEPRA was decreased from 15-20 to

    1. 10

    2. 5-10

    3. 12-15

    4. 10-15

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  8. 8 Under "The National University of Technology Bill, 2017." who will run the proposed university ?

    1. Frontier Works Organization

    2. Government of Pakistan

    3. Syed Babar Ali, Pro Chancellor, LUMS

    4. House of Habib

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  9. 9 Constitution (Amendment) Act, 2017 is passed to change the number of seats (based on 2017 population census) in National Assembly of Pakistan the overall seats in NA will now be ?

    1. Increased

    2. Decreased

    3. Same

    4. None of these

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  10. 10 Which province's seats in NA are going to be minimized based on 2017 population census ?

    1. Sindh

    2. Balochistan

    3. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    4. Punjab

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