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Prepare Pakistan's International Current affairs MCQs with answers and detailed explanations for nts tests. This section includes World Current Affairs mcqs for NTS Test, FPSC, PCS, CSS and PMS Tests. This also contains World Affairs mcqs with answers, world current affairs mcqs 2018, world affairs mcqs, international current affairs mcqs 2018 and 2019, current affairs mcqs for nts test and current affairs mcqs for nts test 2018 and 2019. Prepare below MCQs and you can also prepare for Economy and Business, National, Sports, Provincial, Famous Personalities, Politics, Important Days, Bills and Acts, Science and Tech MCQs.

  1. 1 Which south-asian country joined Trans-Regional Maritime Network based in Italy. Trans-Regional Maritime Network has 32 countries its members in October 2019

    1. Sri Lanka

    2. India

    3. Bangladesh

    4. Pakistan

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  2. 2 Ballon d'Or 2019 was awarded to which FIFA player?

    1. Christiano Ronaldo

    2. Lionel Messi

    3. Luka Modric

    4. Sergio Ramos

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  3. 3 Women's Ballon d'Or for 2019 was awarded to which FIFA player ?

    1. Megan Rapinoe

    2. Ada Hegerberg

    3. Amandine Henry

    4. Alex Morgan

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  4. 4 Which Gulf country recently in 2019 moved to announce an end to Kafala System

    1. Saudi Arabia

    2. Oman

    3. Qatar

    4. Bahrain

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  5. 5 ____ has completed a test of the longest non-stop commercial passenger flight as part of research. The Boeing 787-9 with 49 people, took 19 hours and 16 minutes to fly from New York to Sydney, a 16,200-km (10,066-mile) route

    1. Australian carrier Qantas

    2. Jeststar Airways

    3. Emirates

    4. Air New Zealand

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  6. 6 Kartarpur Corridor was inaugurated on ___th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak

    1. 440

    2. 550

    3. 660

    4. 330

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  7. 7 The country which is host to highest number of refugees in the world is

    1. Turkey

    2. Pakistan

    3. Jordan

    4. Germany

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  8. 8 19 September 2019 - German city of Dortmund has withdrawn its decision to award a British Pakistani writer Kamila Shamsie a literature prize due to

    1. Her Support To Kashmir Cause

    2. Plagiarism allegations

    3. Her support for pro-palestinian BDS movement

    4. Her links with former Nazis

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  9. 9 The then Nizam Osman Ali Khan of Hyderabad sent $____ to Pakistan, which was lost to India by a UK court in October 2019

    1. 40 million

    2. 41 million

    3. 39 million

    4. 49 million

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  10. 10 The resolution adopted under chapter ____ (article 37) of UN Charter by UNSC can initiate ICC investigation.

    1. 9

    2. 6

    3. 2

    4. 11

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