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Prepare Pakistan's Persons Current affairs MCQs with answers and detailed explanations for nts tests.This section contains MCQs related to Important personalities of pakistan 2024 and 2023 Pakistan famous personalities mcqs, Top famous politicians, Famous women of pakistan, famous pakistani legends, genius students of pakistan, famous personalities of pakistan, proud pakistani personalities, Pakistani famous persons and top famous athletes of Pakistan. Prepare below MCQs and you can also prepare for International, National, Sports, Provincial, Economy and Business, Politics, Important Days, Bills and Acts, Science and Tech MCQs.

  1. 1 On 1st December 2020 President Arif Alvi Conferred ______ On Chinese Defence Minister ?

    1. Nishan E Imtiaz

    2. Tamgha E Imtiaz

    3. Nishan E Pakistan

    4. Nishan E Haidar

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  2. 2 On 26th August 2020 an Ex-CEO of UBL joined as Deputy Governor of State Bank her name is ?

    1. Shamshad Akhtar

    2. Sima Kamil

    3. Nosheen Javed Amjad

    4. None

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  3. 3 The top Bowler in ICC's ODI ranking is

    1. Muhammad Amir

    2. Hassan Ali

    3. Trent Boult

    4. Jasprit Bumrah

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  4. 4 A british Pakistani who has recently won the Women's Prize of Fiction is :

    1. Kamila Shamsie

    2. Shabana Mehmood

    3. Saba Imtiaz

    4. None of these

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  5. 5 Veteran Sindhi politician, scholar and writer Rasool Bux Palijo who passed away recently was laid to rest at ______

    1. Mungar Khan Palijo

    2. Sawan Khan Palijo

    3. Hyder Khan Palijo

    4. Rustam Khan Palijo

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  6. 6 The Famous actor Munna Lahori, who passed away on 17 February 2018, played a famous character of

    1. Ainak Wala Jin

    2. Zakoota Jin

    3. Nastoor

    4. Samari Jadugar

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  7. 7 The first British- Pakistani woman became the first ever Muslim and Asian Woman to be appointed as detective superintendent of Scotland Yard is____________

    1. Musrat Hayat

    2. Sajida Vandal

    3. Shabnam Chaudri

    4. Naheed Pasha

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  8. 8 Malala yousafzai has reached Pakistan on 29 March 2018 for ______ day visit

    1. Five

    2. Four

    3. Six

    4. Three

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  9. 9 When malala yousafzai and her two friends were shot by a gunman,after returning from school of her hometown

    1. 9 Dec 2012

    2. 9 oct 2012

    3. 9 Sep 2012

    4. 9 nov 2012

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  10. 10 Malala yousafzai has visited Pakistan after how much time

    1. 4 years

    2. 5.2 years

    3. 7 years

    4. 5.5 years

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