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Prepare Pakistan's Politics Current affairs MCQs with answers and detailed explanations for nts tests. This section includes current chief ministers of Pakistan 2024 and 2023, current governors of Pakistan, current chief ministers of Gilt baltistan, Punjab, AJK, Sindh and KPK, current prime minister of pakistan, current political development about pakistan, current ministers of Pakistan, Current wazir e dakhla of Pakistan and current wazir e taleem of Pakistan. Here you will also find list of current IG of Pakistan, current IG police of all provinces of Pakistan including current IG KPK, IG of Balochistan police, IG of Punjab police, IG of sindh police, IG of Islamabad. Prepare below MCQs and you can also prepare for Economy and Business, National, Sports, Provincial, Famous Personalities, International, Important Days, Bills and Acts, Science and Tech MCQs.

  1. 1 Current IG of KPK Police is

    1. Akhtar Hayat

    2. Moazzam Jah Ansari

    3. Muhammad Akbar Khan Hoti

    4. Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi

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  2. 2 Who is the current Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting

    1. Fawad Chaudhry

    2. Shibli Faraz

    3. Mr. Farrukh Habib

    4. Maryam Orangzeb

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  3. 3 National Security Adviser of Pakistan is ___

    1. Moeed Yusuf

    2. Nasser Khan Janjua

    3. Tariq Aziz

    4. Ijaz Shah

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  4. 4 $100 Million Loan to Address Water Shortages in Balochistan's Farmlands in September 2018 was given by

    1. ADB

    2. IMF

    3. OIC

    4. ECO

    5. World Bank

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  5. 5 Who was elected as the Chairman of Special Committee on Delimitation of Constituencies after the fresh census of 2018

    1. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq

    2. Muhammad Javed Abbasi

    3. Murtaza Javed Abbasi

    4. Sardar Muhammad Yousuf

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  6. 6 In February 2018, After the approval to send 1000 more troops to KSA, Now the number of Pakistani troops on Saudi soil is

    1. 2500

    2. 2600

    3. 25000

    4. 26000

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  7. 7 When NA passed Resolution against Imran Khan, Sheikh Rashid

    1. January 17, 2018

    2. January 18, 2018

    3. January 20, 2018

    4. January 19, 2018

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  8. 8 Current Deputy speaker of National Assembly is

    1. Ayaz Sadiq

    2. Zahid Akram Durrani

    3. Qasim Khan Suri

    4. Amir Hussain

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  9. 9 Current speaker of KPK Assembly is

    1. Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani

    2. Meher Taj Roghani

    3. Bakht Baidar Khan

    4. Parvez Khattak

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  10. 10 Current IG Sindh Police is

    1. Riffat Mukhtar

    2. Mushtaq Mahar

    3. Ghulam Nabi Memon

    4. Amjad Javid Saleemi

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