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Pakistan History Mcqs - General Knowledge Question and Answers

Prepare Pakistan History Mcqs - General Knowledge Question and Answers. This is General knowledge and Pak Affairs MCQs section with detailed explanations for preparation of screening tests, interviews for government jobs. In this section candidate will learn general knowledge MCQs 2018 and General Knowledge Mcqs 2017 for categories: Famous Personalities MCQs, Basic General Knowledge Mcqs, Pakistan Politics Mcqs, Pakistan Geography Mcqs, Invetions and Inventors Mcqs, Honours and Awards Mcqs, Important Places Mcqs, Books and Authors Mcqs, Sports Mcqs, Famous World Organizations Mcqs, Important Days and Events Mcqs

  1. 1 how many stanzas are there in pakistan national anthem ?
    1. Three

    2. Five

    3. Six

    4. Seven

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  2. 2 What was the old name of PIA:
  3. 3 What official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?
  4. 4 Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during enforcement of first constitution?
  5. 5 What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?
  6. 6 Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?
  7. 7 What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?
  8. 8 When the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution?
  9. 9 who was the first President of the Constitution Assembly of Pakistan?
  10. 10 After how many years did Pakistan got its first constitution?
    1. 7 years

    2. 9 years

    3. 11 years

    4. 5 years

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