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Everyday Science One Liner General Knowledge(GK)

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  •  The normal pulse beat of a human body is between 72?80.

  •  An instrument designed for testing the purity of milk is called Lactometer.

  •  "Autopsy" is the Post-Mortem examination of a body.

  •   "Lexicography" is the branch of science which deals with the process of writing dictionaries.

  •  Speed of Sound in Air 331 m/s.

  •  Red Colour has largest and Blue colour has shortest Wavelength.

  •  "Pomology" is the study and cultivation of fruit.

  •  Logarithm tables were invented by John Napier

  •  Fish is the Best source of protein.

  •  Most commonly used bleaching agent is chlorine

  •  The chief constituent of gobar gas is methane.

  •  The frequency of which of the following is the highest? Radio waves

  •  "Charles Drew" was the first pioneered the idea of a blood bank.

  •  Kidneys organ of the body purifies the blood.

  •  Skin is highly affected by the nuclear radiation first.

  •  Radio waves travel with almost the velocity of Light.

  •  Diamond is the hardest mineral.

  •  Life history of human malaria parasite in Anopheles was first described by Ronald Ross

  •  The distance between the earth and the sun is smallest in the month of January.

  •  Green vegetables are a good source of Minerals and Vitamins.