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  •   How many years after the birth of Holy Prophet (SAW), Hazrat Aamina died? Six years

  •   Sheema was the foster sister of Holy Prophet.

  •   Hazrat Haleema looked after the holy prophet for 4 years.

  •   35 was the age at the time of Hajr-i-Aswad incident.

  •   Hazrat Bilal Habshi was the first slave to accept Islam.

  •   Wife of Abu Lahab used to spread throne in the way of prophet in 4th year of prophethood.

  •   Home of Hazrat Arqam (RA) used as the centre of secret preaching by the holy prophet.

  •   In 7th Nabvi boycott of Banu Hashim began.

  •   Hazrat Adam met with Holy Prophet on the first heaven.

  •   Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Yahya on 2nd.

  •   Hazrat Yaqub on 3rd.

  •   Hazrat Idrees on 4th.

  •   Hazrat Harron on 5th.

  •   Hazrat Musa on 6th.

  •   Hazrat Ibraheem on 7th.

  •   Al-Kaswa is the name of Camel on which prophet traveled.

  •   Prophet purchased mosque land at medina from two orphans (Sehl and Sohail).

  •   Charter of Madina was issued on 1 A.H it had 57 Articles.

  •   Transfer of Qibla was ordered in 2nd A.H (18 month).

  •   27 total no of Ghazwas.