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Largest / Longest of the World One Liner General Knowledge(GK)

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  •  Largest Planet is Jupiter

  •  Largest Continent is Asia

  •  Largest Ocean is Pacific

  •  Largest Island is Greenland

  •  Largest Peninsula is Arab Peninsula

  •  Largest Lake is Caspian Sea

  •  Largest Freshwater Lake is Superior

  •  Largest Artificial Lake is Volta Lake

  •  Largest Sea is Philippine Sea

  •  Largest Bay (by area) is Bay of Bengal

  •  Largest Delta is Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta

  •  Largest Gulf is Gulf of Mexico

  •  Largest River is Amazon

  •  Largest Railway Station is Grand Central Terminal of New York

  •  Largest Active Volcano is Mauna Loa

  •  Largest Library is Congress Library

  •  Largest Glacier is Lambert

  •  Largest Land Mammal is African Elephant

  •  Largest Sea Mammal is Blue Whale

  •  Largest International Organization is United Nations Organization