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Auditing MCQs with Answers

This is Auditing MCQs section with detailed explanations for preparation of screening tests, interviews for government jobs. In this section candidate will learn MCQs on variety of topics from the subject.

  1. 131 The auditor should examine subsequent realization of revenue such as dividends, interest,commission, etc to:_____________
  2. 132 What is meant by negative assurance
  3. 133 For companies required to produce interim financial statements (IFI):
  4. 134 Which of the following statements is correct
  5. 135 What sort of assurance is provided in a review engagement
    1. Positive assurance

    2. Negative assurance

    3. High level of assurance

    4. No assurance

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  6. 136 Which one of the following is part of the auditors function
  7. 137 Which of the following does NOT belong in the auditors report
  8. 138 What is meant by the expression expectation gap
  9. 139 Which of the following would you not use as a benchmark for comparison when undertaking analytical procedures
    1. Other audit clients

    2. Previous years

    3. Other companies in the same industry

    4. Budget

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  10. 140 Which of the following is true about written representations