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Auditing MCQs with Answers

This is Auditing MCQs section with detailed explanations for preparation of screening tests, interviews for government jobs. In this section candidate will learn MCQs on variety of topics from the subject.

  1. 71 Which of the following is not an advantage of the preparation of working paper
  2. 72 The auditors permanent working paper file should not normally, include__________
    1. Extracts from clients bank statements

    2. Past years financial statements

    3. Attorneys letters

    4. Debt agreements

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  3. 73 For what minimum period should audit working papers be retained by audit firm
  4. 74 Which of the following factors would least likely affect the quantity and content of an auditors working papers
  5. 75 Which of the following statement is true regarding an auditors working papers
  6. 76 Which of the following statement best describes the understanding with respect to ownership and custody of working papers prepared by an auditor
  7. 77 The current file of the auditors working papers, generally, should include____________
  8. 78 Auditing is what
  9. 79 Audit of banks is an example of__________
  10. 80 In Pakistan, balance sheet audit is synonymous to___________
    1. Annual audit

    2. Continuous audit

    3. Detailed audit

    4. Statutory audit

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